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The safety forms ensure that employees work in safe conditions. They include a hot work permit form, an accident report form and a fully editable contractor's safety manual.
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Employee Injury Report Form
Employee Injury Report Form
Our Price: $5.99

A form to be completed by your employees to obtain the details
surrounding an injury, illness or near miss event that occurred on a
project site.
Hot Work Permit
Hot Work Permit
Our Price: $7.99

The hot work permit provides a step-by-step check list for hot work fire safety and serves as a reminder to contractors of their fire prevention responsibilities before, during and after any hot work is conducted.

Confined Space Entry Permit
Confined Space Entry Permit
Our Price: $9.99

a Confined Space Entry Permit is the written or printed safety checklist that is provided by an employer to allow and control entry into a confined space and that contains the necessary information as required by OSHA. A permit helps to ensure that all hazards are removed from a confined space prior to entry and that the space is continually monitored during the work.

Our confined space entry permit is one of several safety forms and templates that we offer on